Well, Hello!
Welcome family, friends, and fans of The Climbing Tree book. The Tree believes that every person is unique, with special talents and interests that can and should be contributed to the world around us. For one to reach a level of personal success and happiness and contribute the best way possible, they must know how to navigate their own Climbing Tree.

A Climbing Tree, which is found in each of our hearts, is an image of one's journey through life. The Tree tells us that every individual has a pathway, which comes to be drawn by personal decisions, one after another. The Climbing Tree book guides the reader to use morality, instinct, talent, and interest to make wise choices while pursuing a course which brings personal happiness.

The Tree shows us that we each have control of our destiny based on CHOICE. One choice, or many culminating choices over time, has an impact.  Where will your choices take you on your climb today? How can you contribute your talents and interests to our beautiful world, and in return, find your own success and happiness?

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