Readers rule.
The Climbing Tree caters the young and the old, the formidable and the self-discoverers, the slow starters and the entrepreneurs. Whatever place you may identify with, the Tree's words are there to help you along your climb.

So, readers, we want to hear your thoughts:
  • Who are you? Tell us about yourself!
  • How has The Climbing Tree influenced you on your journey through life?
  • We love creativity. What does your Climbing Tree look like to you? Illustrate, construct, or design it, and send us a pic!

Third Graders at Lincoln Elementary in the Mt. Lebanon School District construct individual Climbing Tree leaves for their "One Big Family Tree."

Fourth Graders Nora Conaway and Emily Shannon-Spector design The Climbing Tree gameboard. Players must make wise choices when picking decision cards to climb their way to the top!
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